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NEW DATE: Ocean Passages: Navigating Pacific Islander and Asian American Literature

Speaker: Erin Suzuki

Associate Professor

Department of Literature | University of California, San Diego

Moderator: Alvin Wong

Assistant Professor | Department of Comparative Literature | University of Hong Kong

NEW DATE: 30 Nov (Wed) 10:30 am-12:00 pm (Zoom, HKT)

Ocean Passages explores how movement through—and travel across—the ocean mediates the construction of Asian American and Indigenous Pacific subjectivities in the wake of the colonial conflicts that shaped the modern transpacific. Ocean Passages considers how Indigenous Pacific scholars have emphasized the importance of the ocean to Indigenous activism, art, and theories of globalization and how Asian American studies might engage in a deconstructive interrogation of race in conversation with this Indigenous-centered transnationalism. Juxtaposing work by Indigenous Pacific and Asian American artists and authors including Maxine Hong Kingston, Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner, lê thi diếm thúy, and Craig Santos Perez, Ocean Passages explores what new ideas, alliances, and flashpoints might arise when comparing and contrasting the movements of Asian and Pacific Islanders across a shared sea.

Erin Suzuki is an associate professor of Literature at the University of California, San Diego and the author of Ocean Passages: Navigating Pacific Islander and Asian American Literatures (Temple UP, 2021). Her writings on Asian American and Pacific Island literature and pop culture have also appeared in MELUS, the Journal of Asian American Studies, and Verge: Studies in Global Asia.

The series is coordinated by Dr. Su Yun Kim (, Dr Pei-yin Lin (, and Dr. Alvin Wong (

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